So my husband and I are “training” to run a 5K. It’s not a easy task for a NON-runner. I’m not athletic, i don’t run so i MUST train. Today i ran for a solid 20 minutes. That’s the longest solid time i’ve made so far. I’m very happy with that. It wasn’t a fast run but i didn’t stop non the less!!!  Thank you running partner, husband, Todd!!!

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Exercise – Oh my aching legs

My husband and I have started exercising. What mode of exercise have we chosen??? It’s called Insanity. And boy is it insane!!!  No weights, or equipment so that’s good. But using your body as a weight is rough when you weigh too much!!! HAHA!!!

I’ve tried to eat a little healtier. So no to little soda’s. Let me tell you about the soda’s. I’m swapped Diet Green Tea for soda’s and when i drink soda i blow up like a balloon!!!  I’m trying not to eat fried foods. Talk about hurting the ol stomach!!  And i am trying to eat more fruits. I’m just lazy and don’t like peeling or slicing so i’m working on that!!! 

Once you start replacing bad things with good things it’s hard to go back. Either your body rejects the bad or it just doesn’t taste good anymore!!!!

Have a great and healthy day!!!

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I’m just giving this a try and seeing what i can make of it. My husband says i’m not interesting enough to blog!!! Silly man!!!

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Today was another great day

My youngest son made a profession of faith today and will be baptized next Sunday!!!  And this is my first attempt at blogging!!!

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Hello world!

I don’t know if this is right but HERE IT IS!!!!

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